Conventional dryer sheets and fabric softeners are laced with a number of harsh chemicals that have been linked to pancreatic cancer, central nervous system disorders and upper respiratory problems just to name a few.  If you are concerned about the number of chemicals you and your family members encounter on a daily basis and would like to make some simple changes that can help your family’s health in the long run them we would suggest you consider wool dryer balls as an option for your family’s laundry.  Our all natural wool balls soften your clothes without applying harmful chemicals that can be absorbed directly though the skin.

Save Money with TumblersApart of the health benefits of using a 100% wool ball to dry your clothes, there is also significant economic benefits to switching to an all natural product such as Tumblers.  Tumblers remain effective for about 1000 loads so over their life time, the average Canadian customer will save roughly $200 through shorter drying cycles and the elimination of fabric softener and dryer sheets.

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