Don’t know what to get your child’s teacher for a year end gift?  Looking for something other than a a coffee mug or gift cards?  How about these earth friendly gifts?

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THK-DIY-Herb-Garden2Herb garden: Herb garden sets can be found in most gardening stores and comes in any number of arrangements. This gift inspires people to experiment in the kitchen and your child’s teacher will be reminded of this great gift with each fantastic meal made over the summer.  The best thing about this gift is that it can be easily personalized by your child which makes it an extra special gift for their teacher.





Soap nuts (Soap Berries): These nut-sized berries are from the Sapindus plant and are a member of the Lychee fruit family. The berries of the Sapindus plant are commonly known as soapberries or soapnuts because the fruit pulp is used to make soap. This berry has gained notoriety lately as a good substitute for laundry detergents.



bag3175743_1024x1024Fabric shopping bags: Plastic bags are no friend to the environment. Schools have been asking students and teachers to avoid plastic trash in their lunches for a number of years now. A new fabric tote bag could be just the thing to help teachers carry their books and lunch from the parking lot to the class room. Many can be customized to make a very personal gift.




eco-staple-free-staplerStaple Free Stapler: A staple free stapler is a handy gift for any teacher. How many times have you gone to use the stapler only to find out it is out of staples? With this handy tool your child’s favourite teacher won’t have to worry about that annoying problem any more.  This seems like a fun cool gadget that any teacher would appreciate.




71MFQQR016L._SX522_Tumblers: Of course we couldn’t resist a plug for our own product, Tumblers. The dryer is likely the second largest energy using appliance in your house. Using pure wool dryer balls help reduce drying times by as much as 25%. These fluffy white balls are hypo-allergenic, chemical free and last for years. Tumblers come in a handy cotton bag for storage and can be found at on both the and stores.  Best of all, If you order Tumblers on or before June 20th 2016 you will be able to use the following promo code(s) and receive an additional $1.00 off the sale price at checkout.


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Tumblers, 6 XL High Quality Wool Dryer Balls plus Cotton Bag Reuseable Over 1000 Loads


6 White

For Canadian Customers: Follow the link below, at the checkout you will be prompted for promo codes, where the $1.00 discount will be applied. Promo Code for Tumblers (Expires June 20th 2016):S6QN6KK7

Tumblers 6 XL Wool Dryer Balls plus Cotton Bag Reusable for Over 1000 Loads






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