Tumbler Sheets by Echo Beach Products

Tumbler Sheets by Echo Beach Products

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Tumbler Sheets are a reusable dryer sheets that you put into your dryer with your wet clothes and linens. Tumbler Sheets are 100% Hypo allergenic and reusable over 300 times and chemical free. If you are looking for a laundry product that is safe for babies, sensitive skin and all types of clothing and linens, then Tumbler Sheets is for you.

Tumbler Sheets are made using a patented process to eliminate static and soften your clothes without the use of waxy, harmful chemicals. As the Tumbler Sheets brush up against your clothes, they eliminate the static build up on your laundry. The result is static free clothing and linens that are not covered in chemicals. Your clothes will be cleaner and towels and linens will be softer without the waxy buildup that disposable dryer sheets use to control static.

Tumbler Sheets are also a better option for your dryer (traditional or HE). The chemicals from disposable dryer sheets build up over time and can coat your dryer in a waxy film that can harm the sensors in your dryer. Tumbler Sheets are made from a polyester and nylon blend that will not harm your dryer in anyway.

Tumbler Sheets are safe for you, your family, and your expensive dryer.


Tumbler Sheets vs dryer sheets Table

You can count on Tumbler Sheets to do the following:

ELIMINATES STATIC in your laundry
CHEMICAL FREE dryer sheets safe for babies, sensitive skin, towels and linens
REUSABLE dryer sheets that are effective for OVER 300 LOADS
REPLACES FABRIC SOFTENER, Softens clothes without harsh chemicals
NO NOISY DRYER BALLS, Works quietly and effectively in your dryer







What are Tumbler Sheets?

With Tumbler Sheets by Echo Beach Products, you get all the benefits of traditional dryer sheets without having harmful chemicals spread all over your clothing and linens.  In each package you will receive two Tumbler Sheets, that will replace over 300 dryer sheets.  Tumbler Sheets uses a patented process to ensure your laundry comes out of the dyer static free.   This process was originally developed for heavy industry processes so Tumbler Sheets are tough and can handle anything your dryer can throw at them.

How are Tumbler Sheets used?
Place two Tumbler Sheets in your dryer with your clothes. Dry normally, at any heat setting. Since ordinary chemical based dryer sheets leave a build up of residue in your dryer, you may need to use the Tumbler Sheets three or four times before maximum effectiveness. If any static remains on your clothes after drying, rub quickly with a Tumbler Sheet before folding. Wash every three to four months to maintain optimum performance.

Do I have to separate natural and man made clothing to reach full effectiveness?
A number of natural alternatives to chemical based dryer sheets will only work well on natural fibers. Tumbler Sheets DO NOT need you to separate your natural and synthetics into to separate loads. Fee free to put in cotton t-shirts with your synthetic tops. Tumbler Sheets will do a great job on both typed of clothing and will remain effective in a mixed load of natural and synthetic laundry items.

Can I wash Tumbler Sheets?
Yes you can wash Tumbler Sheets. If you have been using ordinary chemical based dryer sheets for a long period of time you may want to wash the Tumbler Sheets after the initial 3 or 4 loads. This is to ensure the chemical build up from the old dryer sheets do not reduce or dull the Tumbler Sheets anti-static properties. After this it is best to put the Tumbler Sheets in the wash about every three or four months.

Do Tumbler Sheets work if they are wet?
Yes. They will be just as effective if they are wet or dry.